Who is your IT Guy, Steve Agnew?

In 1996 I moved to the Atlanta area and worked with many fortune 500 companies (GE Capital, Owens Corning Fiberglass, Tenneco packaging and many more) on a help desk as level 4 support and went to Microsoft Training in Networking, Internet Messaging, and Servers and Desktops getting the coveted Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer title in 1997.  In 2000 the US Government Department of Veterans affairs brought me in as a consultant to train their system administrator at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, and eventually hired me full time. But I wanted more I went back to the private sector with Westminster Ceramics and was hired as a consultant to upgrade their email system since several attempts had failed.  After completing that I was then hired and was put in charge of their IT for the US (Atlanta, GA & Bakersfield, CA,) and Dominican Republic locations.  Sadly, the credit crash of 2008 and other internal issues caused that company to go out of business in 2009 and at that point I decided I would just work independently.  I enjoy solving computer and networking challenges.  I hope to put my vast knowledge and experience with networking, servers, and PCs to work for you.

Why you'll be glad to choose me

Many computer support techs have a knowledge of one key area:  Hardware, Software, or Networking.. but not all three.  There is an undeniable benefit to understanding how the various systems work together.  With support companies you'll get someone that shows up and then calls someone else to ask what to do making for a slow painstaking process.  My many years of experience and training give me an expert knowledge of all aspects of networking, firewalls, routers, computers and servers allowing me to quickly understand any issue and come up with cost effective and innovative ways to resolve issues in the quickest way possible.  There are often many ways with technology to achieve your goals.. let me give you options..  Give me a call let's talk (678) 365-9983 - or click on the chat icon on the bottom right of this page - no registration necessary.

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