Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity 

You know the old saying, it's better to have and not need, than to need and not have.  Backing up your system is often an after thought.  In the past I have setup backups for systems using an external drive and this method while reliable and simple has a few scary faults.  The backup drive is connected to the server, so if the server is compromised- then the attack can and will delete your backups.  Ransomware will encrypt your backups making them useless.  An external drive backup is also in the same location as the server, so in event of fire, water or other damage- again you can lose all your data.

I've been searching for a long time for something practical and affordable.  The solution that I'm offering to my clients is provided by Datto.  You will get a device that is onsite that will backup your server HOURLY and process those backups and upload them to a secure offsite location.  In the event your server dies, the backup can be booted up in a virtual environment so you can actually use your backup while the server is repaired.  All for around the price of an average cell phone plan.  Finally an enterprise type backup that's practical for a small office.  Contact us today for details.  404-647-6679

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