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I believe in setting my clients up for success and being the guy I would want to hire.  My process involves first understanding your problem, then using my 20+ years of experience to find the best solution to the issue that meets YOUR needs and budget.  Whatever you want to focus on if that be speed, price, longevity.. in the computer world there are often many solutions to address a single issue.  I will also explain as much or as little as you want, to be as transparent as possible.  This followed up with included support for 14 to 30 days.  If you see I'm here in the bottom right we can chat right now- no registration necessary.

Microsoft Servers and Desktops

Windows Servers and desktops full support available.  This includes administration, migrations, installs, failures, upgrades, troubleshooting.  All versions of Windows desktop and servers supported.  Active Directory, networking issues, software issues, security, risk assessment, internal and external connectivity, Group Policy, firewalls, software distribution, login scripts, network drives, shared printers, Remote Desktop, Hyper V, IIS,  DNS, TCP/IP, Site to Site connections, backups, recovery.  All business and professional users supported.

Local networking and the internet including WiFi

Expert with TCP/IP internet and local networking..  While we prefer SonicWALL brand firewalls,  support for all major brands of firewalls and networking equipment.  Setup of local area networks to the internet, troubleshooting connectivity to the internet supported.  Site to Site connections via VPN, or remote access to your office network.  Troubleshooting WiFi, bandwidth allocation, restricted sites, internet access usage, blocking sites.  All computer networking setup, troubleshooting and upgrades supported.

Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 applications and emails are now available via subscription.  We professionally setup or migrate your email to Microsoft Office 365.  Migrate your current outlook configurations and settings into Office 365 exchange using your domain name.  We can also guide you through purchasing your own domain for usage with Office 365 email to get away from free email accounts like Gmail, yahoo, and AOL.  Office 365 mailboxes currently cost as low as $4 a month per mailbox.  We also support Office 365 applications like Outlook, Excel & Word.

Firewalls, routers, 

& Sonicwall

Your firewall can provide you with information like internet speed and device usage.  It can allow secure remote access to servers, pc's and other services when out of the office.  If it has Wi-Fi it provides a wireless experience while in the office.  Properly configured and functioning you get performance and security from this critical device.  Often clients are not able to get all the benefit from these devices because TCP/IP is complicated and managed services only care if it's working.  We go over all available features your device has to make sure you get all the benefits your firewall is capable of.

Disaster Recovery / Backup

You no the old saying, it's better to have and not need, than to need and not have.  Backing up your system is often an after thought.  In the past I have setup backups for systems using an external drive and this method while reliable and simple has a few scary faults.  The backup drive is connected to the server, so if the server is compromised- often the backup is as well such as ransomware.  The drive is also in the same location as the server, so in event of fire, water or other damage- again you can lose all your data.

Phone Support

When you have an IT problem everything grinds to a halt.  We provide support that first focuses on the fastest possible fix.  We also strive to take steps to make sure the problem doesn't happen again whenever possible.  Professional computer support provided by a highly experienced Microsoft certified technician is simply a recipe for success and satisfaction with services provided is guaranteed. 


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Domain Names, Email, your presence on the interet

Domain names let your customers know that you are a serious professional organization.  If you are communicating with your business using a free domain- savvy customers know it.  Don't degrade confidence by using Gmail, Yahoo, or other free email to do business.  We can provide expert guidance every step of the way to get your own domain and migrate your current computers, email, website or other resources to your own domain so that you look professional in the eyes of your customers and clients.  If you already own a domain but aren't using it we can help you understand and leverage its use.

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