Windows XP - Update for OS! (Ransomware!)

So Windows XP stop being supported on April 8th 2014. But folks are still using it. I've always been of the philosophy that if it ain't broke don't fix it. I don't recommend for clients to use the latest and greatest or upgrade just to upgrade- unless there is a real and meaningful reason. The problem with Windows XP is that it no longer gets updates from Microsoft so it's often vulnerable to things like the Wanna Cry virus that has been in the news, and due to it's older browser can't open many new and common websites. There is an update however that can be manually installed on Windows XP and Windows 2003 servers. I've installed this update on all my regular clients servers since a computer can be infected by any other computer on the network without this patch. You really need to install this if you don't have a computer professional to do it for you. I had a client today that was still using Windows XP even though her computer had came with Vista.. and XP had become corrupted.. because of the age of her computer and the fact that she had Vista, we installed that. We also put a SSD (Solid State Drive) in her computer that increased it's speed dramatically. This got her back up and working, she will purchase a new computer in the coming months and get her upgraded.

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