Dr. Office migration Server 2003 SBS to Server 2016 Essentials

So I really wanted to upgrade this Small Business Server 2003 (32bit) to Windows Server 2016 Essentials (64bit.) Now even if the previous version was 64bit.. there is no upgrade path.. so I thought I'd bring in a 2008 Small Business server and upgrade from 2003 to it and then to Server 2016.. while the new server would go through the motions, it would always come back and say Active Directory not suitable. So I bit the bullet and just decided to migrate manually to the new server.. this left seven desktops and their users.. when you change domains the workstations will create new profiles for the new user logins even if the name is the same meaning all configuration and user setup is lost.. new that wasn't going to work. So figured out a way to migrate on Windows 10 one profile into a new domain profile. This allowed for when the user's login they don't see anything different and luckily a month back I migrated their email to Office 365 from the old server. Server 2016 Essentials does not include Microsoft Exchange like the old server's did. Was a long three days but was able to get it migrated and now the clients EZBis software they use for their Chiropractic practice is super fast!

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