Health Care Provider Server Lockout Mayhem

So Health Care Provider called saying they had just purchased a server but she didn't like how the tech was setting up the server so she asked him to leave. He had remote access and very soon everything everyone in their office was locked out of all their system's and their IP phones stopped working.

Hearing this I told here that was a cyber crime and that she should contact the police and file a report. But the Fayetteville, GA police department has no cyber crimes division and didn't really grasp the problem and said their was nothing they could do and deemed it a 'civil' matter and said she could take it to a judge. Police departments ALL need cyber crimes divisions as these types of problems will only continue!

Since the police were of no help, I wanted to help her out.. So first turned off the server and manually reconfigured the tcp/ip settings for her ISP on the machines so they got internet access. Since she could log in when after turning off server (accounts were disabled on server) needed to get admin rights to machines were her data was. So I don't normally do it but created a admin priv. command prompt at login screen and reset admin passwords so could login as local administrator and reset passwords.

Also helped her reconfigure her network so she could work.

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