EMC & EMS Exchange 2010 in SBS 2011. WinRM fails to detect content type discover-exchange serv

SBS 2011 or Small Business Server 2011 Getting the error above, this was after trying to delete the node entry from the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v14\AdminTools would remove the NodeStructureSetting.. then just got WinRM which other things said to install the IIS extention WinRM (it's a feature not a role)

None of these things worked, client didn't have backup and one drive in raid array had already failed, generally most people just reinstall and restore from backup- but that wasn't an option for me. So finally with nothing to lose.. used the control panel programs 'change' feature for Exchange 2010 to uninstall the Client Access Server Role, and reinstall it- was very heistant to do this because sometimes either the uninstall or reinstall will fail and for this server that would have probably been a death sentence.. also didn't have any available backup option... but the uninstall and reinstall of the CAS role worked, didn't fix it until reboot and also had to actually install the WinRM IIS extension. This particular server was installed with IPV6 enabled, and Windows servers prefer this, the IPV4 resolved to the host, but the IPV6 was resolving to the internet address and no loopback in the firewall... so was bad.. used hotfix to set IPV4 as preferred protocol.. and then did the CAS uninstall and reinstall and added the WinRM IIS extension and rebooted and finally got EMC & EMS and Exchange Activesync to work.

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