Rechargeable batteries

Many people plug in a multitude of rechargeable devices each night and just let them charge while we sleep. Present day devices are supposed to be smart enough to stop charging once the battery is full.. but many do not. It's easy to tell: if your device is warm in the morning- it's been overcharging, slowly eating away at your battery life. Many batteries are expensive and next to impossible to replace.. often we end up buying new devices.. But there is a simple $8 fix. Buy a timer from a big box store and have it come on two or three hours before you get up and connect it to your power strip or charging station. This way your devices do not sit on a charger all night long. If you are worried about your device going dead and you use it as an alarm, then set the timer to be on at night and then go off a couple hours later.. Hopefully you can use the come on early so when you wake up your device will be at 100% instead of discharging overnight after the timer goes off. You'll be so happy when your battery holds it charge like new even after you've owed it for a year.. unlike the battery holding about 50% of it's original charge after a year from being overcharged daily.

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