A.I. will it kill you?

Will it kill you? AI or artificial intelligence is something we are going to see more and more.. and it's going to get thrown around a lot. There are varying degrees of AI and it can be everything from your car keeping you from hitting an object in front of you (good thing) to a plane that decides to nose down.. none of these are where they are trying to take A.I. most A.I. doesn't 'think' and is hardwired, but not all- when you do a search, the search engine is using A.I. to predict what it thinks you are looking for based on your past searches and what you clicked on (or didn't) so we will probably find out that because the A.I. in the new Max 8 plane is 'buggy' any non quick thinking pilot could crash their plane. MSNBC reported that US Pilots have had the same problem, but were able to just switch it off. In the end they will call it 'Pilot Error' that killed all those people, but lets be frank the pilot shouldn't have to override the plane to keep from crashing.. THAT IS A BUG. I personally can't wait for self driving cars- but they need to get the bugs out without killing people.

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